An abstract is a brief, appropriate and comprehensive summary of a
Article (300 words approx.) academic or scientific content.
While the abstract is located at the beginning of the article, should be the last sectionyou write. The abstract should keep the same structure of the article.
The abstract should be as concise and to allow the reader to read it or not,
the entire contents of the article or research proposal.
Abstracts whose main function, "sell" their work.
In nursing performed a type of Abstract Information, which consists of several parts:
The structure of abstracts of research must respect the established format of presentation: Introduction, Aims, Material and Methods, Results and Conclusions.
The structure of the summaries of protocols, procedures and care plans should follow the following format: Objective, Methods, Interventions and Conclusions.
The structure of the summaries of clinical cases, should follow the format: Introduction, Clinical Observation, nursing care plan, Discussion and Conclusions.
-Introduction: Justification by bibliographic information of the problem raised.
-Objectives: Problem to solve.
-Material and method: As I take out, study type, study time and methodology used in collecting data.
  -Results: Data collection.
-Conclusions: Based on the results and based on the Goals.