Literature search

We performed a literature search once we clear our hypothesis to solve and therefore our goal.
How to do a literature search with scientific value, first a literature search is the searchand location references on a specific topic, taken from different sources.
The first objective is to find a systematic and comprehensive existing sources, digitalresources via the Internet or paper (files, magazines, library materials).
The literature searches are now easier to perform thanks to the introduction of citations in databases and computerized systems, these make them the best choice when looking for information that interests us.
The sources of information must be based on reliable data for scientific recognition.

Search strategy
When searching the internet problem is too much information they can access should be attempted,
Define one or more short sentences on the topic you want information, identify themost significant concepts eliminating those with vague or imprecise content or represent secondary and some striking aspects.
Choose search tool among those available to us and appropriate databases.
The next step is to translate the search terms in the language used by the system (database)
Working in the gaps ....... .. Thanks!