What is Research?


Human beings have a natural tendency to seek the meaning of things, from a child toan elder. It follows that there are several types of research, from the most basic andfamiliar objects, to scientific research, which is the deliberate pursuit of knowledge orsolutions to scientific problems, the scientific method indicates the path that has of moving in that investigation and the techniques require a way to cross it.

Expression of Nursing Research:


A poster is merely the expression of a research project, procedure or nursing care.
Principalmete should have a summary of the main ideas in each section: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and conclusions.
  A Graphic accompanied by lightening of the results, and together we try to make itattractive to read, helped by the font size, letter style and colors of the set.

Project design:

The project design is the process of the proposed work according to the guidelines and systematic procedures, a preliminary to a nursing research project.
-Material and methods.
-Ethical Issues.
-Work Plan.
-Benefits of the project.